About Randomise Me


Randomise Me is a platform that enables individuals and organisations to run trials of varying sizes. It helps generate useful information for organisations and individuals to help answer questions relevant to their organisation, project or lives. It also helps to spread the idea of randomised trials, advocate for their wider use, and normalise them in the public imagination.


Randomise Me takes organisations or individuals through a step by step process to create, structure and run a trial, including helping to randomise the participants and also, on behalf of the researcher, it can send information to participants such as asking them questions on particular dates or at certain times to suit the project. As the subjects report their outcomes, we measure the difference between the two groups, and calculate the statistical significance of any difference between them.


Randomise Me enables individuals to run trials to answer questions pertinent to them. For example, you might wonder whether coffee causes palpitations but you are not sure, because you tend to drink more coffee on stressful days. You can easily use Randomise Me to run and trial and find out. Randomise Me will send you an email every morning, telling you whether or not you can drink coffee that day; then ask you in the evening whether or not you had palpitations. At the end of the trial period, Randomise Me will show you if coffee is associated with palpitations for you.

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